AMBC This site is a MUST for all lovers of RUBBER BOOTS.  It is a site created by Amis de la Maison de la Botte en Caoutchouc (Friends of the House of Rubber Boots) for all lovers of RUBBER BOOTS and contains hundreds of pictures of guys in RUBBER BOOTS.
BiLL Solent The Web Site of a British guy who loves RUBBER BOOTS
Castlecomer Wellie Race The Home Page of the Castlecomer Wellie Race which takes place every year in Ireland
Classic Boots An awesome site of a guy who collects boots with dozens of pictures of firemans and other RUBBER BOOTS
Dirtybootskin A site devoted to boots with lots of dirty rubber boots
Gummi The site of a London based Rubber Club
Hot Boots  A site full of pictures of boots of all kinds, including RUBBER BOOTS
Japanese Rubber Boots The name of the site says it all
Love those rubber boots Man ! A MUST SEE site for all RUBBER BOOT fetishists which loads of stories of how various guys became turned on to RUBBER BOOTS
MECS EN CAOUTCHOUC The site of the French Rubber Club
Men In Rubber Boots An excellent Home Page of  German guy seriously into RUBBER BOOTS
Nora Boots 'N Workwear The Home Page of a guy who is into Nora RUBBER BOOTS
Overalls and Rubber Boots A marvellous site with lots of pics of guys in RUBBER BOOTS
RB_BC A site with lots of RUBBER BOOTS
Rubber Boots and Working Clothes A Danish guys site which is self explanatory
RubberList An excellent Contact List for all guys into rubber or RUBBER BOOTS
Rubberdocs The Home Page of a French skinhead who is also into RUBBER BOOTS.
Wader Joe The Home Page of a guy well into rubber hip boots
Wellieskin A German skinhead who is into RUBBER BOOTS
World Rubbermen A MUST SEE site for all rubbermen

MSN Communities
Gay men in waders and rubber boots
Heavea and Dunlop Rubber Boots
Rubber Rijlaarzen
Waders Men Only

Yahoo Clubs
    Barefoot in wellies 2
    Bullseyes Rubber Boots
    Rubber Boots

    Dirty workgear photos
    Guys in waders and chestwaders
    Nora Rubber boots
Various Yahoo Clubs that deal with RUBBER BOOTS

Tuf Guys
If you want to obtain more pics like those of "Scaffold" and "Labs8" in the "Boots at Work Gallery 1B
The Original British Firefighters Calendar A calendar giving photos of hunky firemen in their RUBBER BOOTS for every month of the year, plus cards and t-shirts

Bekina A Belgian manufacturer of RUBBER BOOTS
Blundstone The site of a major Australian manufacturer of boots and RUBBER BOOTS
Cover Up An excellent UK Mail Order site for RUBBER BOOTS, work gear etc
Dynamic Aqua-Supply Ltd An American supplier of RUBBER BOOTS
Fire Etc Suppliers of U S firefighters' RUBBER BOOTS
Harvik Rubber Industries, Malaysia
The Home Page of the Harvil Rubber Industries  with lots of pics of RUBBER BOOTS
Servus Firefighter Footwear The Home Page of one of the leading manufacturers of firefighters' RUBBER BOOTS in USA
Skellerup A New Zealand firm that makes very sexy RUBBER BOOTS
Stallreinigung Huntenburg The Home Page of a German farmer who sells RUBBER BOOTS.   He is heavily into RUBBER BOOTS and his main  job is cleaning out sewage tanks, pig sties, cowsheds and chicken houses.